IJ Start Canon Pixma TS6100 Setup

IJ Start Canon Pixma TS6100 Setup

IJ Canon Pixma TS6100 Set Up Drivers, Software, Manuals and Firmware– The Canon PIXMA TS6100 Series Wireless Inkjet All-In-One ($149.99) replaces the PIXMA TS6020 as a low-volume Photo-centric all-in-One (AIO) printer for use by family and Home Office. Apart from the addition of Bluetooth and a few other minor tweaks, the TS6100 Series is not much different than its predecessor. It looks and prints the same, and with the same speeds, for the same list price, which is about $50 less than the editors choice Canon PIXMA TS9120. Like most consumer quality photo printers in this price range, the TS6100 Series is slow and does not have automatic document feeder (ADF). It prints very well, but mostly pictures, making it a wisely more economical alternative to the more expensive and expensive Canon TS9120.

Small and light functions
One of the main differences between the TS6100 Series and its higher-end Canon TS9120 sibling is that it only uses five inks, compared to the higher-end AIO six inks. In addition to the four standard cyan, magenta, yellow, and Black (CMYK) based inks, the TS6100 Series also uses pigment-black inks to produce deeper blacks in text and graphics; In addition to the pigment-black ink, the Canon TS9120 has a photo-blue ink For more details and broading the color range, according to Canon. Epson also offers photo-AIOs of consumer quality with more than the traditional four CMYK inks.

You configure the ts6100 Series and set up Walk tasks, such as Cloud printing and making copies, from the 3-inch touchscreen and a handful of surrounding buttons, consisting of Power, Home, back, start (black copies), start (color copies), and stop (cancel). The size of the touch screen is another way in which the TS6100 Series differs from its higher-end siblings; For example, the TS9120 has a 5-inch touch screen. Of the four TS series models, the TS6100 Series is the only one that does not support SD memory cards. In addition, Canon no longer publishes the maximum monthly switch-off time and recommended ratings for monthly print volumes for all consumer quality printers.

Making connections and software
Although the TS6100 Series does not support SD memory cards, it supports various other standard and mobile connectivity options, starting with Wi-Fi and connecting to a single PC via USB. In comparison, the Epson XP-640 additionally supports Wi-Fi direct for creating peer-to-peer connections to the printer, without having to connect it or your mobile device to a network. The XP-640 also supports both SD cards and USB sticks.

Other types of mobile device connections for the TS6100 series include: Google Cloud print, Mopria and AirPrint, as well as Canon’s own wireless PictBridge for printing from various Canon digital cameras, Canon print and PIXMA Cloudlink. This time, Canon also included Bluetooth 4.0, which is unusual for desktop printers with Wi-Fi. Most printer makers include Wi-Fi direct or Near-Field Communication (NFC), or both. Although Bluetooth allows most compatible smartphones and tablets to connect to the printer, Wi-Fi Direct has a much broader reach and a higher throughput rate.

Considering the fact that it is a consumer quality photo printer, the TS6100’s software bundle is aimed at scanning and printing photos and images. Apart from the drivers, it contains the CD: Scan Utility My printer, Networktool, My Image Garden and Quick menu. My printer is a diagnostic, maintenance, and Repair tool, and the Network tool allows you to view and change the AIO’s network settings. My Image Garden is a collection of tools, such as special effects, correction and enhancement filters; With Full HD movie printing, you can isolate and print frames from a video capture with specific Canon digital cameras; and Creative Park Premium is an online collection of document templates (for creating calendars, greeting cards, and so on). Quick menu, a collection of always-visible icons, provides quick access to My Image Garden and the other features listed here.

How slow can you go
These small photo printers of consumer quality just don’t print as fast as their business-oriented counterparts. (For example, Canon’s comparable price of the Maxify MB2120 Wireless Home Office Inkjet Printer is 9 pages per minute, or PPM, faster than the TS6100’s 15ppm). That said, when printing our easily formatted 12-page Microsoft Word document, I’ve clocked the TS6100 Series at 12.9 ppm, which is very similar to all the other Pixmas mentioned above; Even the Canon TR8520 scored 12.8 ppm on this part of our tests. The Epson XP-640, which is rated at 13ppm, managed only 9.5 ppm, and HP’s Envy Photo 7855 All-in-One, a newly released photo-AIO with four inks, characterization at 12.7 ppm. (I tested via USB from our standard Intel Core i5-equipped testbed PC running Windows 10 Professional.)

When I combined the results of the 12-page Word text document above with that of printing our colorful PDF, Excel and PowerPoint documents with images and photos, the print speed of TS6100’s came at 4.7 ppm. Here, again, these results either tied the other Pixmas we talked about, or landed on one side or the other with a tenth of a ppm or so.

The TS6100 Series characterised our two colorful and detailed 4-by-6-inch snapshots on an average of 20 seconds, or about 15 seconds faster than the Canon TR8520 and 12 seconds faster than the Canon TS9120. It also defeated HP’s Envy Photo 7855 by 20 seconds.

You get what you’re waiting for
Like his siblings, the TS6100’s output is excellent, especially photos. Text is dark, well formed and well delimited to what I could see without magnification, making it more than suitable for most family and home business documents. Even some of the less common decorative fonts We’ve tested looked better than what we’ve seen from competing models.

Also graphics were, for the most part, better than average, with solid fills and backgrounds and smooth flowing gradients. Even her lines (1 point and below) looked good. However, I have seen the same banding in the solid black background of an Excel line chart that I saw with the Canon TR8520 and TS9120. It wasn’t horrible-looking, but it was definitely noticeable to the point that I would shy away from using large, solid black fillings in my handouts; But again, this AIO is not really robust enough for this type of document. Otherwise, the TS6100’s output keeps the PIXMA Photo printer Legacy.

Lots to choose from
The bottom line in the market for entry-level and middle-class photo printers is that you have a lot of choices. If premium print quality, especially photos, is your main concern, choosing one of the Canon TS series Pixmas is your needs. Yes, because of the photo-blue ink, the Editors ‘ Choice Canon PIXMA TS9120 allows for better quality on certain types of photos; If the best possible picture quality is what you are looking for, you need to do it for spring.

If decent photos at a lower cost per print are more of a problem, HP’s Envy Photo 7855, with its optional Instant Ink subscription program, will save you big time. However, if you do without a memory card reader and less higher functions, for printing excellent photos, printing, copying and/or scanning occasional documents from a Home Office, the Canon PIXMA TS6100 Series is a good choice.

IJ Start Canon Pixma TS6100 Setup

  • Linux
  • MacOS X
  • Windows

Canon Pixma TS6100 Drivers for Windows, MacOS and Linux


Download << — Full Drivers and Software
Download << — XPS Drivers
Download << — MP Drivers


  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10


Download << — ScanGear MP (rpm Packagearchive)
Download << — ScanGear MP (debian Packagearchive)
Download << — ScanGear MP (Source file)
Download << — IJ Printer Drivers (rpm Packagearchive)
Download << — IJ Printer Drivers (debian Packagearchive)
Download << — IJ Printer Drivers (Source file)


  • Debian
  • Ubuntu

Canon Pixma TS6100 Software for MacOS

Download << — Canon Pixma TS6100 series Software Package
Download << — Easy PhotoPrint Editor
Download << — IJ Scan Utility Lite
Download << — IJ Network Device Setup Utility
Download << — Canon Pixma TS6100 series My Image Garden
Download << — Quick Menu

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