Canon Pixma TS9180 Drivers Download

Canon Pixma TS9180 Drivers Download

IJ Canon Pixma TS9180 Setup– Canon TS9180 is one of the few devices that can print all of the cool text and frame worthy pictures. There is also a built-in scanner for booting. Google Drive has user-friendly features like the ability to scan pages directly and print pages directly. And all of this was taken as a list of $200 (we saw selling half of this printer being sold online). The only downside to this printer is the cost of printing. Both solid color and color cost are above average. However, you can print your photos slightly less expensive than printing from CVS (avg). This allows you to cancel other additional charges if you tend to print many photos.

The Canon TS9180 is the best option for people who want to print both photos and text without sacrificing any category.

Performance comparison
The Canon t S-9120 has a great performance in testing, but has a relatively high print cost, especially when printing non-photographic colors in color. This significantly increased the overall average score. The following sections analyze relative performance in specific categories.

Text quality
When it comes to text quality, the Canon TS9180 was one of the most excellent inkjet performance we’ve tested, but did not meet some of the outstanding lasers.

The text of the Canon TS9180 is very dark and bold, with no color fading. This is very easy to read even in low light. The only place we saw flaws was on the edge of the characters. TS9180 tend to drop a little more ink than is required for each charter, resulting in slight stains around the corners. This blotting is not important enough to blur the character at all. Even when printing with a font smaller than 10 points, there was no problem reading this text. I lacked the same precision as the laser at the top. Perform laser models such as HP Color LaserJet Pro M254DW or HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M281FDW. But we will not let such a minor relative disadvantage influence your decision. Overall, the TS9180 is not perfect, but it produces great text.

The operating cost is the area where the TS9180 is slightly stagnant to get the lowest score in this dimension. However, this does not mean that the environment is not good.

Black and white printing costs
For black and white printing, the TS9180 is not cheap, but it is definitely not expensive. If you clock $28.33 per year or $0.06 per page, the TS9180 will slightly exceed 0.04 USD per average page, but is not very serious. If you print a text page for hundreds of pages a month, additional costs will be added, but it is recommended that you use a high-capacity laser, such as the HP LaserJet Pro m252dw. If you are still able to print some text pages and you want to print the photos, you feel a reasonable rate.

Color Printing Cost
Because the TS9180 prints photos, it is worth defining what “color printing” really means. In this context, it is defined as printing color graphs, charts, and images on common 8×11 paper.

This is a genre that actually 9120 the cost of T S. Test results have been heard $101.92 per dream (0.20 USD per page) to print color graphs and images using TS9180. Comparatively, the most expensive models in the test were printed at 0.15 USD per page (or $75 a year). This cost is obviously astronomical, and is most likely because the photo lineage of the TS9180 uses a lot more ink than is required for color graphics. However, it only matters if you want to print many color graphs, charts, and their properties.

Cost of printing photos
It’s difficult to determine the exact cost of printing a photo, but it depends heavily on the composition and ink requirements of your photos. But after printing dozens of photos, we used the T-9120 to average the cost of about $0.33 per 5×7 photo (5 sheets on 20 blank paper sheets, including ink costs).

The biggest obstacle we faced in the TS9180 was to connect over a Wi-Fi network. It was run by almost all the printers we tested. However, after about 10 minutes of troubleshooting and some Internet browsing, the wireless connection worked and the rest of the user experience was superb. Because it was easy to connect to Google Drive, I was able to print directly from the drive and scan the document directly to the drive. The large touchscreen offers an excellent and intuitive platform to scroll through the various functions of the printer and there is also an SD card slot that can streamline the photo printing process.

There was a real complaint about the interface when printing photos. If you are printing from an SD card or Google Drive folder that contains many photos, scrolling through all the thumbnails on the display may be slow and time-consuming. To avoid this, you can create a ‘ to ‘ folder before you start printing your photos.

Graphics and photos
The graphics printed on the TS9180 were good compared to other inkjet models, but were actually separated in relation to photo printing.

Photo quality
I was amazed at the quality of the photos produced by TS9180, especially given that it is not a dedicated photo printer. We found bright and vivid colors without losing any details. Compared to photos printed with the 9120 and CVS, the TS9180 could retain more detail in the highlights, but the CVS pictures found that the same part tends to blur. Overall, the TS9180 gained some quality improvement in most photo printing services.

Graphics Qaulity
When it comes to things like graphs, charts and images printed on plain paper, we’ve found that the T-9120 matches the quality of other similar inkjet printers like the Epson XP-640 expression. It provides good detail and color accuracy, but can make the shadows slightly rough. This quality cannot pass for required printed reports, but if you are printing many color graphs, you can instead upgrade to an excellent color laser such as HP color LaserJet Pro MFP m281fdw.

Print speed
The TS9180 is a relatively slow printer. But for those who are looking for a printer that can handle both text and photos, there will be no sense of speed at all.

In our tests, the TS9180 printed about 12 pages per minute when printing a single-sided, black-and-white text page. You can get more than 25 pages per minute compared to high-speed lasers like the HP LaserJet Pro m402n. However, unless you continue to print more than 20 page documents, you may find that this rate limit is limited.

The Canon TS9180, which is sold at a price of $200 and is often sold at half the price, is great value for those who can print good pictures and high quality text on the same device. If you print a lot of non-photo color pages (such as graphs and charts), the cost of ink in TS9180 can be traded, but I think it is a great value for a printer that focuses more on photography.

The Canon TS9180 is a cheap and easy-to-use package that provides good text and frame-worthy photographic prints.


Canon Pixma TS9180 Drivers Download for Windows

Download << — Full Drivers and Software
Download << — XPS Drivers
Download << — MP Drivers


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Canon Pixma TS9180 Drivers Download for Linux IJ Printer

Download << — ScanGear MP (rpm Packagearchive)
Download << — ScanGear MP (debian Packagearchive)
Download << — ScanGear MP (Source file)
Download << — IJ Printer Drivers (rpm Packagearchive)
Download << — IJ Printer Drivers (debian Packagearchive)
Download << — IJ Printer Drivers (Source file)


  • Debian
  • Ubuntu

Canon Pixma TS9180 Drivers Download for Android, Mobile, Tablets

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