Canon PIXMA TS5110 Drivers Download

Canon PIXMA TS5110 Drivers Download

IJ Canon PIXMA TS5110 Setup– The TS5110 is a compact and lightweight all-in-one printer, measuring 5.8 by 16.8 per 12.5 inch (HWD) and weighing 14.3 lbs. It has a simple and attractive design, with rounded corners. Our test unit is matte black; A blank version of the printer is also available. The front panel, which can be tilted upward for easy access, includes a 2.5-inch non-tactile color LCD screen, flanked by the control buttons and a four-way toggle switch with a center button “OK “.

The paper capacity is 200 sheets, between a 100-sheet main tray and a 100-sheet rear feeder (which can also accommodate up to 20 sheets of letter-sized photographic paper). This is very good for an all-in-one inkjet budget. It has a self-duplexer for double-sided printing. At the top there is a letter-sized flatbed scanner, which lacks an automatic document feeder (ADF).

As the second most economical model of the Canon TS series, the TS5110 has only two ink tanks: one black and the other that combines cyan, magenta and yellow colors. The number of ink tanks varies according to the series: the TS3120 input level also has two tanks, the average level TS6120 has five, and the high level TS8120 and TS9120 have six. As a result, high-end models are more photo-centric and produce better-quality prints, although the entire line is doing well in text printing (more in a minute).

The operating costs of the TS5110, 6.7 cents per monochrome page and 14.7 cents per page in color, are similar to those of other two ink cartridge printers we have tested. The HP Envy Photo 7855, for example, has a cost of 6 cents per monochrome page and 16 cents per page in color.

Mobile Printing Features
The TS5110 can be connected directly to a computer via USB, or a network via Wi-Fi, and also supports printing from or scanning to a mobile device from the Canon print application. It is also compatible with Pixma Cloud Link, which allows you to access your files directly from a variety of photo sharing, social networking and storage sites.

Respectable speed
Economical inkjet multifunction devices are not known for their document printing speed; Although the TS5110 is not an exception, it compares well with the other Canon printers of its series. By printing the text-only part of our enterprise Application suite, the TS8120 had an average of 12.5 pages per minute (ppm), and 4.3 ppm in the printing of our full business suite, which includes PDF, PowerPoint and Excel files in addition to the mentioned Word document.

These scores are not significantly slower than the Canon TS9120, which costs twice as much; We program the editors ‘ Choice model in 13.2 and 4.7 ppm in the Word document and the complete suite, respectively. The TS5110 proved to be much faster than the Canon TS3120 entry-level, with a speed of 4.8 ppm in the Word document and only 2.1 ppm for the entire suite. It was also reasonably fast in printing pictures, with an average of 29 seconds per print of 4 times 6.

Typical inkjet output
The overall output quality for the TS5110, according to our tests, was slightly higher than the level of an inkjet in the strength of its very good text, while the quality of the graphics was average and the quality of the photo slightly below the level. The quality of the text should be good enough for any commercial use, even in small sizes, at least with standard fonts.

In the output of the graphics portion of our suite, the colors were generally well saturated. The TS5110 functioned reasonably well with fine lines of color, and by differentiating between similar tones. Several backgrounds seemed slightly discolored, many showed slight bands (a regular pattern of stretch marks), and there were some tembladuras in the form of dot patterns in various illustrations. The graphics are fine for the home and the typical use of the school.

Photographic impressions tend to be a little clearer, with a slight loss of detail in some bright areas. The impressions looked good, although the colors did not appear or show the contrast as they did with the Canon six ink printers such as TS8120 and TS9120.


Canon PIXMA TS5110 Drivers Download for Windows

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Canon PIXMA TS5110 Drivers Download for Linux IJ Printer

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Canon PIXMA TS5110 Drivers Download for Android, Mobile, Tablets

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