Canon Pixma TS3165 Driver

Canon Pixma TS3165 Driver

IJ Canon Pixma TS3165 Set Up Drivers, Software, Manuals and Firmware– Canon is one of the most reliable brands of printers in the world. The company is especially dominated by medium and small printer markets. This gadget is none other than PIXMA Home TS3165 inkjet multifunction printer.

Full 3-in-1 functionality
The Canon PIXMA HOME TS3165 performs all three basic operations in the Office without failure. In short, it can print, copy as well as scan documents. This is actually a great plus, especially if you are buying it for use in your little Home Office. With this gadget, you won’t need to buy a separate printer or scanner because this device is running everything.

High quality fast Prints
Despite the low price of the printer, the Canon PIXMA HOME TS3165 performs exemplary good especially when it comes to printing color. There’s hardly a better photo printer in its price range. For starters, this device can print without the color border of the image up to 5 x 7 inches. In addition, the Canon PIXMA HOME TS3165 achieves a high speed of printing up to 7.7 IPM (impressions per minute) for black and white graphics and 4.0 IPM for colored prints. Print speeds are measured in impressions per minute or IPMs.

This print speed represents the number of dots per inch typed on paper, based on a fixed resolution. The manufacturer also improved this printer to achieve ultra-clear photo graphics. The home printer has a maximum print resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi, which means you can use it to create your own home portraits and collages.

Supports wireless printing
If you’re the kind of person who changes new technology, this is one of the most appreciated printers that can’t disappoint you. Canon integrated this device with a series of practencies, including great wireless printing technology. Also, the Canon PIXMA HOME TS3165 is compatible with several mobile printing apps, including the Canon’s PIXMA Cloud Print app and Apple Air Print, as well as the Google Cloud Print app. In addition, the Canon PIXMA HOME TS3165 has an automatic power feature, which saves you a great deal of earnings. You really don’t have to worry when you forget to turn it off. This will automatically save energy.

Beautiful design
Since it is one of the latest Canon printers in its price category, the PIXMA HOME TS3165 is furan in a great solid finishing. We especially liked to slam the edges that give it a modern look. Most importantly, the Canon PIXMA HOME TS3165 has a 1.5 inch LCD display to mitigate operations. Furthermore, the buttons are well spaced not to mention ergonomically shaped. Canon has built PIXMA Home TS3165 in two predominant colours, white and black. All the same, White looks more appealing to the home printer.

In terms of workspace, the Canon PIXMA HOME TS3165 has a minimalist footprint, therefore ideal for small offices. The device measures 43.5 x 31.6 x 14.5 centimeters in W x D x H (width, depth and height respectively). So it will fit perfectly on any 2ft table and leave enough space for the computer and file rack.

Other features
In addition to all the features we have mentioned, the Canon PIXMA HOME TS3165 has a very low output noise. So you can use it late at night without waking your parents. In addition, the device is quite easy to use.

Use three-color cartridges
On the other hand, the Canon PIXMA HOME TS3165 uses a three-color ink system that means it has one black cartridge and another three-color cartridge. Usually a printer with this type of system will save you good money when you buy it, but in the end it cost you more to run major projects. The main load with three-color cartridge printers is that you need to throw a cartridge if any of the three ink pockets run dry before the rest.

These types of containers typically have three separate ink inks in the ink tanks. These are yellow, Cyan and Magenta. Any of the three pockets could be exhausted before the other two. In such a case, you are forced to dispose of such a cartridge even with the other two inkjet pockets still busy. Over time, this ends up costing you more in the cost of ink and a prodigous degree than if you would have just purchased an advanced printer.

All the same, three-color cartridge printers are still the most effective startup printers in the case of low volume users and home printing projects. They become non-conomatic if you try to use them for big jobs.

The perfect solution for handling larger print jobs would be buying a printer that uses individual color cartridges. This type of printer allows you to replace individual cartridges whenever you need to. In other words, you can replace the specific cartridges as you like, instead of dumping the entire sealed unit just because one ink pocket ran out before the other two.

The color of the picture is not very special for professional projects
As mentioned earlier, the Canon PIXMA HOME TS3165 would only fit best as a house printer. The fact that it uses three-color containers means that the image quality is limited. Printers that use individual color cartridges tend to produce rich colors in photos. This is because they allow you to add other additional color cartridges to improve the image quality.

For example, some of these printers allow users to add a light black, matte black, and gray cartridge to produce more vibrant photos. The Canon PIXMA HOME TS3165 does not fulfill such advanced needs. However, you rarely find yourself you need such advanced features in the initial setup. Therefore this device still fits into the initial installation perfectly.


Canon Pixma TS3165 Driver

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  • Windows

Canon Pixma TS3165 Drivers for Windows, MacOS and Linux


Download << — Full Drivers and Software
Download << — XPS Drivers
Download << — MP Drivers


  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10


Download << — ScanGear MP (rpm Packagearchive)
Download << — ScanGear MP (debian Packagearchive)
Download << — ScanGear MP (Source file)
Download << — IJ Printer Drivers (rpm Packagearchive)
Download << — IJ Printer Drivers (debian Packagearchive)
Download << — IJ Printer Drivers (Source file)


  • Debian
  • Ubuntu

Android, Mobile, Tablets

Download << — IJ Start Canon Pixma TS3165 Setup Android- Mobile- Tablets Drivers


  • Android
  • Mobile
  • Tablets

Canon Pixma TS3165 Software for Windows and MacOS


Download << — Easy PhotoPrint Editor
Download << — PosterArtist Updater
Download << — IJ Network Device Setup Utility
Download << — PosterArtist Lite
Download << — IJ Printer Assistant Tool

Mac OS X

Download << — Easy PhotoPrint Editor
Download << — IJ Scan Utility Lite
Download << — IJ Network Device Setup Utility

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