Canon Pixma MG5220 Drivers Download


Canon Pixma MG5220 Drivers Download

Canon Pixma MG5220 Drivers Download– The Canon Pixma MG5220 Color Inkjet Multifunction (print/scan/copy) offers high speed and output quality, and at competitive prices ($150 from 25 August 2010). Suitable for families or home offices with light.
Pixma MG5220 is extremely easy to install, whether via a USB or wireless connection. Canon’s Installation software even automatically adds the printer to a Mac-a rarity. The 2-inch colour LCD scrolls upwards for easy viewing, menus are easy to navigate and other controls are well exposed. Canon also offers a comprehensive software package that takes advantage of the ability of scanning devices to produce exceptional images.

Most home-oriented maps such as MG5220 do not have an automatic document feeder device for scanning multi-faceted documents. We miss it on this otherwise capable machine. This minor complaint, the impressive paper handling of the MG5220, includes automatic duplex printing (duplex printing) and two 150-sheet input trays: An insufficient plain paper drawer, as well as a vertical rear paper for thick media. The Scanner covers telescopes to take a thicker material. Memory card Slots Support CompactFlash, Memory Stick, SD card and XD-Picture card.

MG5220 is performing very well in our tests. On plain paper, which prints mostly text with a few simple monochrome graphics, MG5220 publishes a quick result of 7.8 pages per minute per PC and 8 p. /Min on Mac. Photos with a picture size are on average faster than 2.3 ppm on the computer. A higher picture of the whole page of our Mac of course took more time – almost 2 minutes. The Color scan is also fast, while the black and white copies are harvested in the middle of the package as a whole. At Any speed, MG5220 is noticeably quieter than most printers.

The quality of the output was doing as well as the speed. The default settings we use for testing, the quality of the text was quite nice, but the output became almost laser when we chose a High-Quality driver (for a bit of speed). Such results are ideal for business correspondence and likes. As for the graph, the test photos that seemed too bright on plain paper are nothing more than fantastic on Canon’s photo paper. The Scanning of color pictures looked dark, but the monochromatic scans and copies were sharp.

The Cost of ink is reasonable. Individual inks include black cartridges of $16, 341 pages (4.7 cents per page) and Cyanoaceae, purple and yellow cartridges of size 14 and 500 dollars (from 2.7 to 2.8 cents per page). The Specialized black photo, also $14, lasts about 660 photos (or adds a small amount to a typical document). A Four-Color page will cost about 13 cents.

After removing the packaging material, it is necessary to install the print head. While this may sound intimidating to beginners, it’s pretty simple. The print head appears easily on the spot, as well as five ink cartridges. When you lift the scanner cover to get started with this procedure, an animated manual appears on the LCD screen to help you.

In fact, between the Getting Started Guide, the animated setup guide on the LCD screen, the CD guide, and the printed network setup Guide, as this all-in-one happens, is very simple. Even setting up a wireless network is easy, provided you know the name and password for your network. When we put everything on a Mac, the device was pointed out, but not scanned. When we returned to the setup instructions, we found that we missed the step. When we repeated the procedure with all the correct steps, the installation was ok.

Expect to spend about an hour installing it, including 20 minutes or so to install the software. Canon Solution Menu EX and MP Navigator EX SOFTWARE are full-featured programs that have many options for printing photos and scanning images while remaining easy to use. We found his ability to split multiple images into separate scans, so we could load the scanner with photos, but store each individually.

Canon includes their new Full HD Movie Print software that lets you print images of HD movies. However, you will need a Canon HD EOS DSLR or Canon PowerShot camera to make this software work properly.

Part of the installation is aligning the print head and of course, loading the paper. The front drawer, shown in Figure 10, contains 150 sheets of paper and also acts as an output tray. For this reason, the output tray is limited to 50 sheets. While some may find this restrictive because we are usually close to keeping up with large printing tasks, we didn’t find it too difficult to remove paper because it was close to 50 sheets. Canon recommends using the rear tray in figure 11 for photo paper and envelopes. This tray is double hanging and can be folded down when not in use. This printer can process 10 envelopes at a time and the tray contains 150 sheets of paper.

If you’ve ever made a paper jam because you forgot to open the paper output drawer, you’ll like this printer. The paper output tray opens automatically when you start printing or copying and ejecting paper. This is a feature we’d like to see on all printers.

The 2400 x 4800 dpi scanner produces high-quality scans. As can be seen in Figure 12, the scanner opens wide open and cover telescopes slightly suitable for books and thicker items. The software has a feature called Gutter Shadow Correction that will compensate for the link to the book, which is a nice feature. We longed for a sheet feeder, but we didn’t find one on this device.

As mentioned earlier, the software can detect multiple objects on the scanner bed and separate them into separate files. Automatic modes make it easier to scan this all-in-one than most. Automatic scanning mode detects the type of scan document and automatically applies the best settings. Automatic document correction automatically analyzes and corrects the document to make sure the text is easy to read and that the images have an even color tone and contrast. However, Pixma 5220 also offers all the necessary scan settings if you want to set them yourself.

When you turn on the printer or wake up from standby, the heating time is short, but during this power and daily print, this printer is quieter than the few others we’ve reviewed.

A nice feature of this printer is that it has an automatic duplex. As shown in Figure 13, the duplexer can be considered a major impact on the back of the printer. This automatic two-sided printing function saves paper costs and is very useful. The duplexer can be easily opened if the paper is stuck, but during our tests, we had no jammed papers of any type.

Black text is printed at 600 x 600 dpi. The text prints of Pixma 5220 are excellent. When printing in the highest mode, the output is very close to the quality of the laser. Color prints can be up to 9600 x 2400 dpi. There’s also an ink-saving concept mode for moments when you want to be a little modest.


Canon Pixma MG5220 Drivers Download

  • Linux
  • macOS X
  • Windows

Canon Pixma MG5220 Drivers Download for Windows

Download << — Full Drivers and Software
Download << — XPS Drivers
Download << — MP Drivers

Canon Pixma MG5220 Software for Windows

Download << — Canon Pixma MG5220 series Software Package
Download << — Easy-PhotoPrint Editor
Download << — IJ Scan Utility Lite
Download << — Canon Pixma MG5220 series My Image Garden
Download << — Quick Menu


  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

Canon Pixma MG5220 Drivers for macOS X

Download << — Scanner Drivers and Software
Download << — CUPS Drivers
Download << — ICA Drivers

Canon Pixma MG5220 Software for macOS

Download << — Canon Pixma MG5220 series Software Package
Download << — Easy-PhotoPrint Editor
Download << — IJ Network Device Setup Utility
Download << — Canon Pixma MG5220 series My Image Garden
Download << — Quick Menu


  • macOS Sierra
  • OS X El Capitan
  • OS X Snow Leopard
  • OS X Yosemite
  • OS X Mountain Lion
  • OS X Mavericks
  • OS X Lion

Android, Mobile, Tablets

Download << — IJ Start Canon Pixma MG5220 Setup Android- Mobile- Tablets Drivers


  • Android
  • Mobile
  • Tablets

Canon Pixma MG5220 Manuals Download 

Download << — User Manual Download for Windows
Download << — Guide for My Image Garden Download for Windows
Download << — Guide Canon IJ Network Tool Download for Windows
Download << — Guide for Quick Menu Download for Windows

Download << — User Manual Download for Macintosh
Download << — Guide for My Image Garden Download for Macintosh
Download << — Guide Canon IJ Network Tool Download for Macintosh
Download << — Guide for Quick Menu Download for Macintosh


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